UA CS image     CSc 110: Introduction to Computer Programming I

Welcome to the Fall 2020 UofA cs110 course homepage. This is the first in a sequence of two introductory programming courses in the computer science department at the University of Arizona. This course requires no prior programming experience, but does require that you have taken College Algebra. We will be using python 3 in this course, and as a student, you will learn the basics of this language. By the end of the semester, you should be able to write complete, well-structured programs in python. For more information about the course and policies, see the course syllabus.


This course is scheduled as an in-person course, and the exact meeting time(s) are shown in the syllabus. However:

Regardless wether we get to in-person or not, this course will be do-able 100% online, in case you cant make it to class. Please read through the syllabus thoroughly to understand how the course will operate. I highly recommend you read the whole thing, and pay special attention to the “Coursework and Grading Policies” section. Use this link to join live class (the same as the office hour link):

Also note that the live classes will mostly be semi-structured active learning sessions. The actual “lecture” content will be in the video quizzes, available on D2L.

Instructor and TAs

NOTE: Please use class time, office hours and/or the course Piazza page for all course related communications. Please don’t email the instructor directly, unless absolutely necessary.

Course Resources and Information

Syllabus Course information, policies, grade breakdown, etc
Schedule Schedule of topics, exam dates, links to materials, holidays
Assignments Programming/Homework assignments, both big and small

Getting Help

Office Hours Schedule Chat with the Instructor, TA, and classmates!
Online Tutoting Free tutoring provided by the CS department
Gradescope Used for submitting your assignments, prep problems, and exams
D2L Use D2L to take the video quizzes, access the e-book, and view your grades
Piazza Piazza will be the main hub for coursework, grade, and homework related questions!

Other Resources

Style Guide Rules to follow when coding
CodingBat and CodeSBS Websites for additional programming practice A graphics module for 110 PAs
Idea Box Have an Idea for the class? Let us know! (Not set up fully yet)