CSc 110: Teaching Assistants

The teaching assistants in this class are here to help! If you need to contact any of them, you can get their email addresses here (just add to the netID). You are also welcome to send an email. The best way to talk with a particular TA is via office hours, so check the schedule!

Course Coordinators

Garrett Fenton gfenton Samantha Mathis samantha122

2pm TAs

Photo Name NetID Photo Name NetID
Garrett Fenton gfenton Mason Baier masonbaier
Richard Diep richarddiep Jason Fukumoto jasonfukumoto
Emilio Santa Cruz emiliosc4 Benjamin Meyer benjaminmeyer
Jacob Edwards eebocaj Jason L’Italien jlitalien
Cobi Nguyen cnguyen32 Abhishek Agarwal abhishekagarwal
Leon Trusheim leontrusheim      

3pm TAs

Photo Name NetID Photo Name NetID
Samantha Mathis samantha122 Aliyah Hernandez aliyahh1
Ali Hamza Noor alihamzanoor Gavin Li mapleslin
Vincent Truong vttruong00 Jonathon Lamparter jlamparter
Justin Galvez justingalvez Sage Pezzulo sagepezzulo
Fontaine Coutino fcoutino Amber Converse aconverse