CSc 337 Office Hours

Below is the online office hours schedule. The online office hours will be hosted via zoom. If you don’t already have your university-linked zoom account set up, please get it set up by following this link: Also mkae sure to install the zoom software on your computer and/or phone.

After you have your account set up and the software installed, you can join in. Use the “JOIN OFFICE HOURS” link below to join. Generally, the office hours meeting link will only work during the designated times listed below. However, we might also use this link for review sessions, or other spur-of-the-moment office hour meetings.


All times listed are in Arizona time. If you are in a different time zone, make sure to check for the difference!

Instructor Name Office Hour Times
Fan Luo Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-11am
David Condit Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11am-12pm
Thomas Alexander Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 2-3pm
Benjamin Dicken Wednesday 3-4pm, Thursday 1-2pm