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Welcome to the Fall 2020 UofA cs317 course homepage. Students will learn how to develop applications for mobile devices. The course will cover the necessary programming language(s), development environment, and a number of platform-specific APIs commonly used in mobile applications such as maps, location services, notifications, camera, and local storage. Other mobile-specific software development topics will be considered such as programming with limited computational and battery resources, client/server architecture, and cloud synchronization. For more information about the course and policies, see the course syllabus.


This course is scheduled as an in-person course, and the exact meeting time(s) are shown in the syllabus. However:

Regardless wether we get to in-person or not, this course will be do-able 100% online, in case you cant make it to class. Please read through the syllabus thoroughly to understand how the course will operate. I highly recommend you read the whole thing, and pay special attention to the “Coursework and Grading Policies” section.

Use this link to join live class (the same as the office hour link):


Course Resources and Info

Syllabus Course policies, information, grade breakdown, etc
Assignments Programming assignments for the course
Schedule Schedule of topics, links to slides, readings, quiz days, exam days, etc.
Style Guide Rules for coding style and structure

In addition to this class website, there several other tools/websites that we will be using for quiz-taking, feedback, Q/A, etc. Each site is linked below.

Gradescope Used for PA submission, exam grades, quiz grades
D2L Basically just used as a gradebook!
Piazza Discussion forum


We will also be using an online tool called gradescope. Gradescope will be used for exam grading, and will be how you view your exam after and see feedback after it is graded. You will also use gradescope for submitting your programming assignments.


All students are required to register for the cs317 Piazza page. All class announcements will either be made in-class or on piazza. Students are also encouraged to ask questions about assignments, and discuss while reviewing for exams. Remember: If asking a question about a homework problem, do not reveal specifics of your solution to the entire class. If you want to include details of your solutions, post privately to the instructors only.


D2L will basically just be used as a gradebook for this course.

** The contents of this site (including but not limited to the syllabus, schedule, lecture notes, and homework assignments) are subject to change **