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The Quantum Computing Colloquium

University of Arizona, Fall 2023

Quantum Computing is a revolutionary computing paradigm, having the potential to completely change the computing landscape in the coming decades. Algorithms already exist to provide huge speed-ups to challenging computing problems, such as factoring of numbers, which could help break and revolutionize computer security. That being said, what really is quantum computing? How does it work differently than classical computing? Why is there so much hype around it? Come join us at the Fall 2023 Quantum Colloquium, where Ben Dicken (and perhaps others) will provide lectures and discussions at the intersection of Math, Physics, and Computing that will provide you with a foundational understanding of this exciting domain.



Here is the tentative schedule of events.

Is This For Me?

All students (and faculty!) are welcome to attend these colloquia, regardless of experience level with quantum computing, or computing in general. Having some background knowledge in physics, linear algebra, and computer programming will definitely help and allow you to pick up the concepts more quickly. If you’re curious, come! If you want to know more about it before attending, email

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Quantum Resources

See the Quantum Computing Resources for a collection of resources for diving in to QC.