CSc 250: Lab 6

This lab was written and designed to be completed during lab-time for cs250. This lab is not graded and does not need to be turned in. However, you should work through all of the problems, as it will help you on assignments and exams. If you cannot complete the lab in the alloted time, feel free to continue at home.


Coding-Bat is a website hosted by Stanford university, and provides practice coding problems for Java and Python. In today’s labs we will be doing lessons from this site. Go to If you have not already created an account, go ahead and do so by clicking the link in the top-right corner of the site. I’m not sure how secure these accounts are, so don’t use the same password as your bank account :)

You will see that there are several sets of problems. In lab, you should work through String-2 and List-1.

Your progress will be saved in your account, so if you do not finish all of the problems in the alloted lab time, you can sign in on your personal computer and finish them later.

If you get stuck on a particular problem, let me know and we can walk through the solution on the projector.