CSc 110 - PA 1 - Movies

In this PA, you will be writing three simple programs that print out text. Note that thie programming assignment (PA) is a rather easy one. Not all of the future PAs will be this way. It is simple because we have not yet covered a wide variety of programming concepts, so there’s only so much I can reasonably expect you to be able to program. The PAs will get more challenging, but also more interesting!

Course Survey

Remember - a part of this PA is filling out the 110 student survey. Don’t forget to fill this out … it is worth points!

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Movie Script

Thin the first part of this assignment, you will write three simple programs. Each program will print out a part of a movie script.

The three separate programs should be named,, and, which correspond to the three movie clips linked below, respectively.

Your program only needs to print the dialogue of the two main characters in the conversation (with one exception for the gladiator script). You only need to print out the first 7 lines of the conversation. In the case of the Gladiator movie, there are only 5 lines that you need to have your program print. The first four are between the emperor and maximus. The fifth is a word said by a soldier. No need to add in the noises or words that are in the background of by other characters (if any). The output of the dialogue must match my solution exactly. In order to do so, follow these rules:

The names of the movies you should use are GLADIATOR, ROGUE ONE, and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN respectively. The character names are MAXIMUS and EMPEROR for Gladiator, GALEN and KRENNIC for Star Wars, and KING and BALIAN for Kingdom of Heaven.

Below is an example script. This is from Star Wars, a New Hope. Is is actually the script of this scene from Star Wars, which you should not use. This is just to demonstrate the formatting that I expect.

----- STAR WARS -----

CREATURE: He doesn't like you.

LUKE: Sorry.

CREATURE: I don't like you either. You just watch yourself. We're wanted men. I
          have the death sentence on 12 systems.

LUKE: I'll be careful. 

CREATURE: You'll be dead.

Your task is to create a program for each of the linked move clips that prints out the first 5 parts of the dialogue. You should write each of these programs, and use gradescope to check if the output is correct.


Don’t forget to include a header/file comment in your code! Include your name and a description of what the program does.

Due Date

This PA is due January 15, 2019 by 7pm. Turn in all three programs via Gradescope. You should try to make sure that all of the test cases pass. If you don’t you will likely lose points. You can still submit without all of the cases passing, but that is not preferable.